Read Stuff, You Should: Why Romney Dropped Out

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Happy Birthday to Brent Spiner, 66. Underappreciated. If Data doesn’t work, the whole episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" doesn’t work. And there’s every chance that Data wouldn’t work. Especially in the first season, when the show was very much on the brink of not working.

On to the good stuff:

1. More on Mitt Romney’s campaign and defeat. Why keep reading about it? Because his campaign tells us more about the Republican Party and about parties and the nomination process. First, David Karol at the Monkey Cage and I are on the same page: Romney tried, and the party wasn’t interested.

2. Political scientist Dave Hopkins, however, has a somewhat dissenting view. I disagree, but it’s worth looking at both interpretations. 

3. Andrew Prokop at Vox sums up the case for "Romney ran and lost."

4. Interesting, from Amy Walter: “Huge disconnect btwn how D operatives & R operatives feel about Jeb. Ds think he's frontrunner - R's think he's underdog.”

5. And Kevin Drum at Mother Jones on blogging.

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