Read Stuff, You Should: Boehner's Troubled Invitation

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Happy Birthday to Richard Gilliland, 65.

The good stuff:

1. Julian Zelizer, at American Prospect, tells the story of the Democratic Study Group, a critical organization that led the major reforms of the House of Representatives from 1959 to 1975, and remained vital into the 1990s.

2. Alan Abramowitz, at the Crystal Ball, looks at the relationship between presidential approval ratings and election results when the president isn’t on the ballot.

3. More research on public financing and polarization, this time from Seth Masket and Michael G. Miller at the Monkey Cage.

4. I liked Dan Drezner’s reaction to the Boehner-Netanyahu flap. At the Washington Post.

5. See also Josh Rogin and Eli Lake here at View on Netanyahu-Boehner.

6. Wonkblog's Jason Millman on the big news from Arkansas about Medicaid expansion.

7. New York's Annie Lowrey on the European Central Bank: Did it pass the "Outkast rule"?

8. And Brendan Nyhan, at the Upshot, tries matching 2016 presidential candidates with their best comps from previous cycles. Not sure whether it’s valuable, but it’s definitely good fun.

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