Read Stuff, You Should: An Attack on Obama's Pronouns?

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Happy Birthday to Seymour Cassel, 80, even though the "Next Generation" episode he appeared in definitely wasn't one of the strong ones.

Might as well just get to the good stuff:

1. Ben Pershing from National Journal reports on what’s causing trouble in the House Republican conference.

2. From Bloomberg Politics, Dave Weigel on Republicans eager to pass the buck on war powers.

3. Marc Ambinder, at The Week, on where the Republicans are on foreign policy.

4. While the Guardian's Spencer Ackerman has a harsh review of Barack Obama’s foreign policy.

5. Pronoun trouble: Linguist Mark Liberman on one of the sillier attacks against Obama. Not quite as stupid as the telepromtper slur, but it's astonishing what people can convince themselves to believe.

6. And the Fix's Jaime Fuller is brilliant as always: The State of the Union for those who missed the shows it bumped. Be sure to read to the last line. And yes, I’m still upset about Stan Musial and the preposterous notion there was no jazz in the early 1970s.

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