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Happy Birthday to Questlove, 44.

Right to the good stuff:

1. Come for the Ron Fournier takedown, stay for the references to research about polarization and “leadership.” Political scientist Julia Azari, at Mischiefs of Faction, offers her take on the question of what leadership can be and the role parties can play.

2. Josh Putnam’s Frontloading HQ contains essential information about the schedule of primaries and caucuses (plus excellent, informed commentary about the presidential nomination process in general).  One example: A clarification on what Republicans are doing about the beginning of the process.

3. The ambition gap, explained by John Sides at the Monkey Cage.

4. Ramesh Ponnuru at the Washington Post explains five myths about Mitt Romney.

5. Greg Sargent at the Washington Post wonders whether using dynamic scoring to pay for infrastructure is a joke.

6. Nate Cohn at the Upshot looks at President Barack Obama’s approval rating before the State of the Union speech -- and why it matters for the 2016 elections.

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