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Happy Birthday to Black Jack McDowell, 49. It’s a cruel game, especially for pitchers. Probably shouldn’t have had a run of three years with more than 250 innings per. But who knows? Maybe otherwise the White Sox get less from him, and he gets less from the Yankees, and he burns out anyway.

Better to move to the good stuff:

1. Larry Bartels at the Monkey Cage on economic populism and “conservative principles.”

2. Emily Cohn at the Huffington Post with the latest evidence the Affordable Care Act is working as intended.

3. Kevin Kosar at The Hill explains why counting laws passed can be a terrible measure of productivity for a Congress. True, it’s not great, but it’s not worthless, either.

4. Here at View, Noah Smith gives a useful course in economics.

5. And also at View, Justin Fox has a great one on the two tracks of TV shows. As a "Castle" (and "Firefly) fan, I agree. One point he could have emphasized a bit more: When you choose to watch, say, "Deadwood," which I just finished (one of the best shows ever), you’re making a commitment to watch dozens of hours; "Castle" requires watching until the next commercial break. And you can be reading or making dinner or checking Twitter during "Castle." You can’t do that during "Deadwood."

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