Read Stuff, You Should: Republicans and Dynamic Scoring

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Happy Birthday to Brian Johnson, 47. The Brian Johnson game remains at the top of my list of games I attended, and I don’t expect to top it.

How about some good stuff?

1. Leading political scientist Philip Converse has died. John Sides and Donald Kinder have an appreciation at the Monkey Cage.

2. At Mischiefs of Faction, Hans Noel adds his understanding of Converse’s importance.

3. Dan Drezner at the Washington Post assesses the foreign policy experience of the Republican presidential field.

4. War on budgeting update: New York's Jonathan Chait on why Republicans are demanding “dynamic scoring.”

5. Adrianna McIntyre at the Incidental Economist looks at the Harvard health insurance flap and why it shows how hard it was to reform health care.

6. Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight thinks Chris Christie is overrated

7. And The Fix's Jaime Fuller goes RINO hunting and finds a lot more than she expected.

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