Read Stuff, You Should: Boehner's Opening Day

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Happy Birthday to Kathy Valentine, 56.

Right to the good stuff:

1. Joshua Huder, at Rule 22, on what to expect from a unified Congress and divided government.

2. Jeffery A. Jenkins and Charles Stewart III at the Monkey Cage offered some historical perspective before yesterday’s speaker vote.

3. John Patty at Mischiefs of Faction analyzes the speaker vote and what it tells us about the state of the Republicans.

4. While Greg Koger tells an Opening Day Senate story about filibusters and racism. At the Monkey Cage.

5. Derek Willis at the Upshot reports on how the presidential campaign already has winners: politicians and parties in Iowa, New Hampshire and other important nomination states.

6. An ode to Speaker John Boehner from Ezra Klein,  at Vox.

7. And Jaime Fuller and Philip Bump at The Fix put together a Joe Biden compliment generator

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