Ritholtz's Reads: Low Euros and Upbeat Americans

Good oil-will-eventually-find-a-bottom morning train reads.

Good oil-will-eventually-find-a-bottom morning train reads:

  • Euro Tumbles to Nine-Year Low (WSJ) see also ‘Grexit’ Is Back: A Greek Exit From the Euro Raises Fears of Fiscal Contagion (Bloomberg)
  • Byron Wien Lays Out 10 Surprises for 2015 (Barron’s)
  • Thinking About International Bond Yields (NYT) see also UK sells 10-year bonds at record low yield (FT)
  • Brokers With Hands On Their Faces (Tumblr)
  • Cassidy: Twelve Geopolitical Lessons Learned in 2014 (New Yorker)
  • Fun With Wall Street’s S&P 500 Targets (TRB)
  • My wish for 2015: a machine to judge political claims against reality (The Guardian)
  • Google Gentrification Fight That Doesn’t Involve San Francisco (Bits) see also Chocolate Factory in Brooklyn Asks: What, Us? Gentrifiers? (NYT)
  • 5 things to know about the new, GOP-heavy Congress (Sun Herald)
  • That’s rich! Why so many wealthy Americans think they’re middle class (Salon) see also American consumers are more upbeat (WaPo)

What are you reading?

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