Read Stuff, You Should: Mario Cuomo's What Ifs

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to January Jones, 37. I don’t understand the Betty Draper haters; a terrific acting job for a terrific character.

Back from a relaxing vacation, and ready for more of the good stuff:

1. The Washington Post's Glenn Kessler weighs in on Barack Obama’s use of executive action. Two things to add. One is that it shows the problems with “factchecking:” Kessler has put together an excellent article for the most part, but it’s marred by the need to award “Pinocchios,” which don't help the reader understand. On the substance, everything I’ve seen from presidency scholars (and I’m sort of on the fringes of that job description) indicates that Obama’s use of executive action is pretty much normal for the recent presidency. That’s more than some people would like (including some Democrats who complained about George W. Bush’s use of executive action), but I’ve seen no convincing argument that Obama is unusual in this respect.

2. Julia Azari at Mischiefs of Faction looks at some important debates from 2014.

3. Did the International Monetary Fund cause the Ebola epidemic? Chris Blattman at the Monkey Cage dismisses the idea.

4. Also at MC: Jenny Oser, Jan E. Leighley and Ken Winneg report on their new research about the differences between non-voters, people whose only political participation is voting, and those who are more active. The first two groups are similar, but the more-than-voters are different. 

5. Matthew Dickinson, on his Presidential Power blog,  looks back on Mario Cuomo and the 1992 election. I largely agree with his analysis of the nomination fight: Cuomo might have beaten Bill Clinton, but I’d put my money on Clinton in that contest. Cuomo would have won the general election had he won the nomination, but by less than Clinton.

6. Although MSNBC's Steve Kornacki makes the reasonable point that with Cuomo in the race, Democrats might have reacted differently to Clinton’s scandals in the lead up to the New Hampshire primary that year.

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