Read Stuff, You Should: Cuba Opening

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Happy Birthday to Alan Rudolph, 71.

So right to the good stuff:

1. Ray La Raja, at MassPoliticsProfs blog, explains why the campaign-finance provisions just passed by Congress are a pretty good thing.

2. “The Uniquely Awful Role of Sheldon Adelson in the Israeli Election.” Gershom Gorenberg reports at The American Prospect.

3. Who was really isolated -- Cuba, the U.S., or both? Erik Voeten at the Monkey Cage makes an important point.

4. While Alex Massie in the Spectator gives the view from Britain on Barack Obama and Cuba.

5. Jamelle Bouie at Slate on public support for torture.

6. And Sarah Kliff on why Vermont has given up on single-payer health care.

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