Read Stuff, You Should: CRomnibus Hangover

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Happy Birthday to Paul Simonon, 59.

The good stuff:

1. Sarah Binder at the Monkey Cage on how the spending bill passed the House.

2. While Peter Hanson at Mischiefs of Faction has lessons from the CRomnibus.

3. Nolan McCarty at the Monkey Cage thinks the bill wasn't that bad, in terms of congressional performance.

4. Brendan Nyhan of the Upshot pleads for more realistic expectations for presidents. He isn't wrong, but good luck with that.

5. The Central Intelligence Agency should welcome more oversight. Good point from Michael Colaresi at the Monkey Cage.

6. Jonathan Chait at New York on torture and the Republicans.

7. And Eric McGhee at the Monkey Cage looks back at the midterm polls.

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