Read Stuff, You Should: Rogue CIA?

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Happy Birthday to Isabella Hofmann, 56.

And right to the good stuff:

1. Dan Drezner at the Washington Post on why we need a debate over whether torture “works.”

2. See also Dan Larison at the American Conservative on why torture is both wrong and useless.

3. Did the Senate torture report undersell the responsibility of the Bush administration? Buzzfeed’s Adam Serwer makes the case that the CIA didn’t just go rogue. I agree.

4. See also Slate's Fred Kaplan on the non-rogue CIA.  

5. At the Monkey Cage, Henry Farrell considers the damage to the CIA.

6. More on the pardon idea for torture: Slate’s Jamelle Bouie argues in favor.

7. Andrew Sullivan is strongly against pardons for torturers, at least unrepentant ones.

8. What about a legislative response? Greg Sargent reports on what some congressional Democrats are considering.

9. And Alyssa Rosenberg on why popular culture struggles to get torture right.

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