Read Stuff, You Should: Pardoning Bush

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Emmanuelle Chriqui, 37.

To the good stuff:

1. Digby at Hullabaloo on the Senate torture report and proposals for pardons.

2. Julia Azari at Mischiefs of Faction on the partisan implications of potential torture pardons. (Just because I support a pardon and link to pieces doesn't mean I think it’s likely to happen.)

3. Campaign Twitter is for … journalists. Daniel Kreiss reports at the Monkey Cage on his recent research.

4. Nice one from David Leonhardt at the Upshot on economic pessimism.

5. They keep writing them, I’ll keep linking: The Washington Post’s Alyssa Rosenberg has more on "Star Wars" and politics. Could we be reaching a consensus here? As I said, I think movies, even "Star Wars" movies, can tell interesting stories about what it feels like to do politics; I just don’t think they’re well-suited to help us understand how institutions work. The biggest lesson from the conversation? Apparently, not everyone is as pessimistic about the new movies.

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