Read Stuff, You Should: Torture Report Day

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Happy Birthday to Judi Dench, 80.

More and more good stuff:

1. Dan Drezner at the Washington Post takes apart the logic of those who argue that publishing the Senate torture report will help terrorist recruiting.

2. Seth Masket on civil rights and white moderates, at Pacific Standard.

3. Is there a polling bias against eventual winners? Eric McGhee at the Monkey Cage investigates.

4. Another helpful reported piece on Republican donors, from the Washington Post’s Matea Gold and Tom Hamburger. Add it to this one, and we’re building some insight.

5. Speaking of that: Here at View, Francis Wilkinson on why Republican donors are unlikely to settle on a single candidate any time soon.

6. Vox’s Ezra Klein has a nice item about the futility of third parties in U.S. politics.

7. Ed Kilgore at Washington Monthly on Democrats and the South.

8. And one more precinct heard from: Ross Douthat blogs at the New York Times on politics and "Star Wars." A good contribution, but I have to do a little nitpicking. Douthat says the “most basic” question of politics comes down to “Who Rules?” I strongly disagree that there’s a most basic question of politics. We can learn a lot from “Who Rules?” We can also learn a lot from “Who Gets What?” or any of the other definitional questions that have been proposed. But the basic nature of politics itself is contested; there is no core idea that contains everything else or that is more important than others. That said, “Who Rules?” is certainly one important way to look at politics, and what Douthat says about how "Star Wars" can be seen through that question is certainly worth reading.

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