Read Stuff, You Should: Mitt Romney's Spontaneity

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Happy Birthday to Wendell Pierce, 51.

Time for the good stuff:

1. “I’ve done extensive research on how presidents manage the White House, and it’s not clear to me that one can say much about a president’s organizational effectiveness based on how his campaign ran social media.” Matthew Dickinson at Presidential Power gets snarky with the media for the story about Mitt Romney’s campaign tweets (supposedly) needing approval from 22 people before posting.

2. Andrew Gelman at the Monkey Cage on “the paradox of newsworthiness: Stories that are less likely to be true are more likely to be exciting and thus worth reporting.”

3. Radley Balko at the Washington Post corrects five myths about police and policing.

4. Ed Kilgore isn’t very fond of the idea of the “last Southern Democrat.” Fair point. At Washington Monthly.

5. And View’s Kavitha Davidson on baseball Hall of Fame rules and efforts to change them.

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