Read Stuff, You Should: No Comeback for Filibusters

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Happy Birthday to Little Richard, 82. I think I was traveling this summer and missed a chance to update my yearly Kennedy Center Honors rant. Yeah.

Under the weather yesterday, and not sure how much I’ll post today, but I do have at least some of the good stuff:

1. Sarah Binder at the Monkey Cage explains why Republican senators probably won’t rewind the clock on filibusters.

2. In-parties with term-limited presidents don’t stray far for a presidential nominee. Richard Skinner at Mischiefs of Faction looks at the history.

3. Also at MoF, Julia Azari on democracy within the parties.

4. Dylan Matthews at Vox examines Paul Ryan’s sincerity in the anti-poverty fight. He wonders where Ryan stands on the Earned Income Tax Credit.

5. And Dan Drezner at the Washington Post joins the conservation about "Star Wars" and politics.

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