Ritholtz's Reads: Charts, Habits and Bias

We're midway through the week -- well, almost. Here are my morning reads to help carry you through.

If you want to receive an amusing stream of emails,  write critically about gold. Here are my morning reads:

  • Fall of the Bond King: How Gross Lost Empire as Pimco Cracked (Bloomberg)
  • Beat the Average Investor by Not Trying to “Beat the Market” (Pragmatic Capitalism)
  • The A to Z of Behavioral Bias (The Reformed Broker) see also Which Emotions Last Longest and Why: The Role of Event Importance and Rumination (Springer)
  • The Economics of Seinfeld (kottke)
  •  6 Charts That Illustrate Vladimir Putin’s World of Pain (Bloomberg Politics) see also Russian for the Exits (MoneyBeat)
  • The Power of Habit (Seeking Wisdom)
  • What Black Friday and Cyber Monday Don’t Tell You About the Economy (Real Time Economics)
  • Finance media’s hottest club is Ello: Business reporters flocking to the platform won’t radically change journalism, but it’s worth asking why users gather where they do. (Nieman Lab)
  • How to Stop Wasting Everyone’s Time (WSJ)
  • Worth re-reading: David Byrne: “Do you really think people are going to keep putting time and effort into this, if no one is making any money?” The musical genius shares his songwriting secrets, opens up his finances and ponders the future of art and the Web (Salon)

 What are you reading? 

Greece’s Great Depression, charted

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