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Happy Birthday to Damon Berryhill, 51 – the guy I always go to on Dec. 3. There have been 15 Major Leaguers born on this day who were younger than Berryhill (and a certain blogger); none were in the majors in 2014, though a few played minor league ball.

Better get to the good stuff:

1. Richard Skinner at Mischiefs of Faction on Chris Rock and the partisan presidency.

2. Also at MoF: Jennifer Victor considers the effects of civil rights protests.

3. Nancy Kassop at New West on Loretta Lynch’s nomination and Republican reactions.

4. David Karpf writes about 21st century activist organizations at the Monkey Cage.

5. Scott Lemieux, at Lawyers, Guns and Money, is basically correct: There’s nothing in President Barack Obama’s action on immigration that will affect future Republican presidents.

6. More on the history of Congressional Budget Office and how it was created to help Congress compete with the presidency, from Peter Suderman at Reason.

7. James Pethokoukis, at The Week, advises Republicans against more promised tax cuts for the rich. Good luck with that.

8. And Dan Drezner has suggestions for what to get that political scientist on your shopping list.

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