Read Stuff, You Should: Rob Portman Bows Out

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Happy Birthday to Lucy Liu, 46. 

The winnowing begins! Ohio Senator Rob Portman becomes the first candidate to drop out of the 2016 Republican presidential field. I guess I’ll have to retire the “Everybody’s Running” headline. I thought he was one of the dozen or so viable candidates, though I noted just yesterday that he may have done enough to boost his chances for a veep slot. Let’s see what reporters can dig up (and, no, I don’t think he suddenly noticed that running for president wouldn’t allow him enough time to be a serious senator). Most interesting is whether his position on same-sex marriage may have ended his chances. There’s also the question of whether Ohio-based resources are remaining loyal to Governor John Kasich.

Maybe Portman just needed more time for the good stuff:

1. Sarah Binder at Brookings on legislative transparency.

2. While Bruce Cain at the Election Law Blog writes more broadly about transparency in government.

3. What "St. Elmo’s Fire" tells us about partisanship in Congress; Mischief of Faction’s Seth Masket explains. I think he puts a bit too much emphasis on chamber-linked career paths. Yes, it’s real, but at least one person I know of -- me! -- jumped from House to Senate staff in the 1980s. Then again, I have to admit I’ve never watched "St. Elmo’s Fire" all the way through, so what do I know? Especially since I can’t come up with a political science-y take on any of Savage Steve Holland’s work.

4. Kevin Drum at Mother Jones on mocking the poor.

5. As Greg Sargent points out at the Plum Line, if Republicans really don’t like President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration they do have a remedy available: legislating.

6. View's Al Hunt on the latest progress of the Worst Idea in the U.S., amending the Constitution by convention.

7. And Jaime Fuller at the Fix on the long history of kids in the White House.

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