Read Stuff, You Should: Executive Action Fallout

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Happy Birthday to Denise Crosby, 57.

Here’s the good stuff:

1. One more precinct heard from: Presidency scholar Matthew Dickinson, on his blog, isn’t sure President Barack Obama's executive order on immigration was smart, but he doesn’t see any norm violation. That's consistent with what I said Friday. The bottom line: No one has articulated a norm violation by Obama that scholars of U.S. political institutions recognize as such.

2. While Josh Huder at Rule 22 explains the legislative options available to Republicans to overturn the order -- and why they may prefer bluster to action.

3. Julia Azari at Mischiefs of Faction, meanwhile, wonders whether executive action has a conservative bias. Interesting.

4. Also at MoF: Richard Skinner on remembering Nelson Rockefeller.

5. Jamelle Bouie’s analysis at Slate of the electoral effects of Obama’s immigration action is excellent.

6. The Fix’s Jaime Fuller looks back at executive action and congressional reaction.

7. And a most important investigative reporting piece from the New Republic’s Brian Beutler.

(Corrects publication name in seventh item.)

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