Ritholtz's Reads: A Midlife Crisis and the Anatomy of a Meltdown

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Is it Friday already? There was a lot of green on the screen  yesterday. Thursday's intraday reversal from the gap down was the strongest since the October lows -- then China cuts rates. And our reads: 

  • What Is Russell Investments? Lured by the indexing business, the London Stock Exchange got a consultancy and asset manager in the bargain. (Chief Investment Officer)
  •  Bonds: Anatomy of a Market Meltdown (FT)
  •  Dog Ate the Alpha, Other Excuses for Why Your Fund Stinks (Bloomberg)
  •  If Pimco Were A Country, It Would Be The Most Unequal Place On The Planet (Huffington Post) see also George Soros Just Gave Bill Gross $500 Million To Play With (Business Insider)
  •  Stupid Things Finance People Say (Motley Fool)
  •  Carl Icahn vs. Jeremy Siegel: Dow 20,000? (MarketWatch) but see Don’t Say Warren Buffett and Robert Shiller Didn’t Warn You (The Street)
  •  How a $5,000 IRA Can Grow to $196 Million in Six Years: GAO (Total Return)
  •  The Real Roots of Midlife Crisis (Atlantic)
  •  Cosmigraphics: Picturing Space Through Time in 4,000 Years of Mapping the Universe (Brain Pickings)
  •  Why your Uber driver hates Uber (Quartz)

 This weekend, we have Bob Shiller on Masters in Business. Be sure to check that out.

 The Fed and the Quit Rate

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