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Happy Birthday to Marlo Thomas, 77.

How about a little good stuff:

1. “This is less a power grab than an acknowledgement that the country is far from the post-partisan politics that he promised in his initial run for the presidency.” Tom Mann of Brookings is brutal to the Republican House and its arguments against President Barack Obama’s action on immigration.

2. While Josh Huder is upset with how both chambers have been governed.

3. Good analysis of the polling on Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren among Democrats, from the Cook Report’s Amy Walter.

4. There’s talk of a bureaucratic reshuffling at the Central Intelligence Agency. Outside the Beltway’s James Joyner is skeptical and asks: What problem is it supposed to solve?

5. At PostEverything, Dan Drezner leans toward favoring the idea of a decentralized CIA.

6. The Fix’s Aaron Blake looks at polling on willingness to compromise, and discovers how Republicans are different.

7. Also at the Washington Post, James Downie asks Republicans to realize how irresponsible government shutdowns are.

8. And Brendan Nyhan at the Upshot on the fall of Bill Cosby

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