Read Stuff, You Should: Obama Is No Caesar

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Happy Birthday to Samuel E. Wright, 68.

Lots going on, so straight to the good stuff:

1. Few care more than Norm Ornstein about politicians playing by the rules (including informal rules). In National Journal, he says he would like to see President Barack Obama put off implementation of his executive action on immigration a little longer, but he isn't convinced by Republican complaints about overreach, let along wild rhetoric about Caesarism.

2. “How GOP’s play on spending could backfire.” Terrific item from Politico’s David Rogers about how congressional Republicans may choose to deal with immigration by punishing themselves.

3. Here at View, Francis Wilkinson has a nice summary of how we got here on immigration, and what comes next.

4. Sean Trende at Real Clear Politics makes a good point about 2014 and demographics (though I’d prefer he didn’t lean quite as heavily on exit polls, particularly at the state level).

5. Vox’s Sarah Kliff interviews Michael Cannon, the theorist behind the King lawsuit threatening Obamacare subsidies on federal-run exchanges.

6. Simon Lazarus at the New Republic argues, however, that there’s no drafting error in the Affordable Care Act. The text, he says, clearly supports the Obama administration’s view.

7. Dan Larison on the use of power in foreign relations.

8. And “Democrats have started electing a growing percentage of women, in good and bad election years, and Republicans haven't.” David S. Bernstein of The Scrum (and my brother) has been following this story for some time.

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