Read Stuff, You Should: Reappraising the Arab Spring

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Happy Birthday to Jonathan Sanchez, 32.

And right to the good stuff:

1. Jay Ulfelder, at Dart-Throwing Chimp, on how the Arab uprisings turned out -- and how some scholars got them wrong.

2. While Dan Drezner looks at authoritarian regimes that just won’t quit, for the Washington Post.

3. Lilly Goren at The New West on gendered coverage of Valerie Jarrett.

4. Plum Line’s Greg Sargent gives an epic tour of the argument that President Barack Obama’s probable actions on immigration will be both legal and within norms for presidential behavior. A must-read.

5. I think Ed Kilgore at Washington Monthly is correct on why “wait” is terrible advice for the president.

6. New York Magazine's Jonathan Chait supplies excellent analysis of bargaining over Keystone XL pipeline: President Barack Obama wants a trade because he doesn’t care about it, but Republicans won’t give anything because they don’t care about it either, except as a talking point that disappears if the pipeline is approved. Sounds right to me.

7. Why did House Republicans beat expectations? At FiveThirtyEight, David Wasserman identifies one reason: Collapsing Democratic turnout, specifically in states with no high-profile statewide contest. 

8. And: Was that a late-night talk-show host having fun at the expense of ill-informed citizens, or a reporter talking to Republicans in Congress? Oops -- it was the latter. Slate’s Betsy Woodruff tried asking lawmakers about amnesty.

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