Read Stuff, You Should: Obamacare 2.0

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Happy Birthday to Allison Tolman, 33. So good in “Fargo,” which I’m still recommending to everyone.

Gotta get to the good stuff:

1. I love Seth Masket’s ode to canvassers, at Pacific Standard.

2. Julia Azari of Mischiefs of Faction takes on Rand Paul and “political time.” Not my favorite political science concept, especially as a causal factor, but others may disagree.

3. Josh Putnam, at FrontloadingHQ, looks at an Electoral College proposal from Republicans in Michigan. Good analysis, but I’ll stand by focusing on the part about rigging the election.

4. At the Monkey Cage, Patrick Egan looks at prices in the Affordable Care Act exchanges for the second round of signups … and how some reporters mishandled them.

5. While Andrew Sprung at reviews the newest version of

6. Philip Klein at the Washington Examiner pushes Republicans to have a real Obamacare alternative if the Supreme Court strikes down exchange subsidies.

7. The Economic Policy Institute's Lawrence Mishel knocks the Washington Post's editorial on wages and inequality.

8. Jonathan Cohn at The New Republic on an important decision congressional Republicans need to make: Who will head the Congressional Budget Office?

9. And don’t miss the epic takedown of Bob Geldof’s Christmas song by Laura Seay at the Monkey Cage. I thought I was cranky yesterday!

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