Read Stuff, You Should: Fading Bully Pulpit

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Patrick Warburton, 50. Those of you who don’t know him primarily as the evil Johnny Johnson … well, I can’t blame you for not watching the last season of "NewsRadio," but you should. There are plenty of great moments, even though it’s no longer a truly great show. Watching tip: My theory is that Lisa never sobers up after the funeral and Dave reacts to Bill’s death by going insane.

Then again, you could just stick with the good stuff:

1. Brendan Nyhan at the Upshot on the downside of the bully pulpit and why President Barack Obama's public stance on net neutrality may become counterproductive.

2. More on Asian-American voters and the 2014 elections, from Karthick Ramakrishnan at the Monkey Cage.

3. Politico has John Lawrence looking back at the Watergate Babies.

4. Slate’s Fred Kaplan on the China-U.S. agreements.

5. And a nice Jaime Fuller item at The Fix about Elizabeth Warren and inventing congressional leadership positions.

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