Read Stuff, You Should: Did Asian-Americans Back Republicans?

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Andy Partridge of XTC,  61. Has there ever been a band with a larger gap between its great music and its lame name? Sadly underappreciated. One of the very best.

I suppose I should get to the good stuff:

1. Did you hear that Asian Americans swung sharply toward Republicans in last week’s elections? Taeku Lee at the Monkey Cage explains why that’s probably not true -- and why no one should rely on exit polls, especially when it comes to small and geographically concentrated groups.

2. Julia Azari at Mischiefs of Faction looks at presidential responses to midterm defeats and finds that Barack Obama's fits well with those of other presidents, from Dwight D. Eisenhower to  Lyndon Johnson to Ronald Reagan to Bill Clinton to George W. Bush.

3. I haven’t read Sean Trende’s book, but I agree with much of what my View colleague Megan McArdle says about parties and coalitions -- especially the idea that “permanent” majorities are an illusion.

4. Smart item from Matt Yglesias at Vox about parties, the White House and why everyone hates Valerie Jarrett.

5. Terrific reporting from Abby Rapoport in National Journal about what the election looked like in three states for the people who administered it and had to dodge constant changes from politicians and the courts.

6. Scott Monje at Foreign Policy Blogs on the Republican Congress and foreign policy.

7. While Dan Drezner at the Washington Post notes that Republicans with experience in foreign policy are getting harder to find.

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