Read Stuff, You Should: Obamacare's Misguided High Court Comeback

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Happy Birthday to Kiernan Shipka, 15.

Plenty going on this week; we'll be needing the good stuff:

1. No, the news media isn't responsible for the failure of women to win more elections. Danny Hayes at the Monkey Cage with the evidence.

2. Also at the Monkey Cage: John Sides looks at preliminary evidence that outside spending didn't do much to change outcomes in the 2014 elections.

3. Jared Bernstein's look at Friday's jobs report.

4. Was the Democrats' focus on the Koch brothers foolish? Dave Weigel at Bloomberg Politics makes the case. I'll wait for more evidence, but I strongly suspect it was a major error.

5. There's a new Affordable Care Act case headed for the Supreme Court. It's preposterous. It might win anyway. At the Balkinization blog, Neil Siegel explains: "The plaintiffs' case is so weak and transparently political that it is dismaying to see it be taken seriously."

6. Oh, and that's not all: as Abbe Gluck argues at SCOTUSblog, the arguments made by the plaintiffs would undermine the interpretive style conservatives have argued for.

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