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Happy Birthday to Chris Difford, 60.

And Happy Election Day! Celebrate, of course, with the good stuff:

1. We'll see how it really works, but this is brilliant: the Upshot at the New York Times has put together a tool for adjusting votes as they come in for where in a state they're from, so that if Democratic precincts report first but tilt a little less Democratic than usual, we should be able to see it right away. Amanda Cox and Nate Cohn explain.

2. At the Upshot, Brendan Nyhan explains how not to be fooled on election night.

3. While Sean Trende thinks about what 2014 says about the looking back at 1978.

4. Dan Drezner over at the Washington Post doesn't think a big Republican win would change the calculus for trade deals.

5. Greg Sargent looks at the future of Obamacare in the age of Ted Cruz.

6. Republicans may win control of 14 state legislative chambers today. Seth Masket with details. If so, that's a big deal - perhaps even the biggest story of the day, depending on what happens with all those too-close-to-call gubernatorial elections.

7. Julia Azari looks at the nationalization of elections, and what it means for today's midterms.

8. And an oldie but goodie: Matt Glassman's advice for how political junkies should get through election day, updated for 2014.

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