Eight Reasons I Care About This Election

Despite the probability that not a lot is going to get done over the next four years, I am interested in this election. Here’s why.
What will all this mean tomorrow?

Tomorrow, I'm pretty sure that Republicans will have won back control of the Senate. I'm also pretty sure that lots of people will be talking about what President Barack Obama and the Republicans can get done over the next few years. Spoiler: No matter what arguments people make, the correct answer is "virtually nothing." The overlap between Obama's agenda and the Republican agenda is practically a null set. And even if they wanted to do stuff, there's no money to do anything other than piddle around the edges of policy. Most of that piddling will be done at the administrative level, where actions do not require a cost score from the Congressional Budget Office. Republicans will spend most of their time posturing, rejecting judicial appointments and scheming to make Obama veto popular ideas, such as repealing the individual mandate.

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