Read Stuff, You Should: Hard-at-Work Czar

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Jim Cummings, 62. OK, I'm not a huge fan of Fuzzy Lumpkins on the "Powerpuff Girls," but that's not his fault.

Election Week; if you're not out electioneering, you may want to look at the good stuff:

1. Republican election formula: Demand extreme policies. Accept compromise. Attack Democrats for supporting the Republican policies included in the compromise. Vox's Dylan Matthews reports (via Kevin Drum at Mother Jones).

2. So what does an Ebola czar actually do? Suzy Khimm at MSNBC.Com looks at what Ron Klain has been up to.

3. More on how your government works: I'm late to this, but Timothy Noah at Politico looks into what's new at the Labor Department.

4. Late on this one, too (hey, there were baseball games last week), but don't miss the thorough roundup from Dan Hopkins at FiveThirtyEight of what political scientists know about the incumbency advantage -- and how it seems to be evaporating.

5. You're not going to go wrong when you read Washington Monthly's Ed Kilgore on Southern politics.

6. The Hotline has an excellent state-by-state reference guide to Election 2014: the races, poll closing times, even the recount rules.

7. While here at View, Francis Barry has compiled a source guide on ballot measures.

8. And Monica Potts is very good on street harassment in Vogue.

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