Ritholtz's Reads: Solar Panels and Sitcoms

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Japan is sending us a treat -- or is it a trick? It's Halloween and here are my morning reads:

  • The U.S. Recovery Is Frustrating -- but It’s the Envy of the Advanced World (Wonkblog) see also U.S. Economy Up 3.5% in 3rd Quarter, Capping Best 6 Months in Over a Decade (Bloomberg)
  • How This Investment Firm Hopes to Revolutionize Litigation in America (Mimesis Law)
  • Value Trap Underneath Gold Miner Fund GDX (ETF) see also Charts Suggest Gold Will Keep on Falling (Barron’s)
  • Solar Flair: How Do You Make Ray-Soaking Roof Panels a Hot Investment? By Making Them a Boring One (Slate)
  • How Long Can The Shale Revolution Last? (Oil Price)
  • Norris: Inflation? Deflation Is New Risk (NYT) see also FOMC Recap (Tim Duy)
  • Eight Topical Questions for Central Bankers and Others (Polemics-pains)
  • He’s Definitely a Liberal -- Just Check Out His Brain Scan: New research finds political ideology can be easily determined by examining how one’s brain reacts to disgusting images. (Pacific Standard)
  • Notes on the Death of the American Network Sitcom (Grantland)
  • Jimmy Page: ‘Led Zeppelin Was an Affair of the Heart’ (Rolling Stone)

What are you going to be dressed up as?

Fed Closes Chapter on Easy Money

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