Read Stuff, You Should: About That 'War on Women'

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Matt Nokes, 51.

No baseball, so I guess it's straight to the good stuff:

1. Seth Masket at Mischiefs of Faction questions conclusions about "the war on women" as a campaign theme.

2. Dan Drezner, writing in the Washington Post, thinks President Barack Obama's national security team could use new blood, but isn't going to get it. Reasonable.

3. More on how Majority Leader Harry Reid's tactics of scheduling Senate business (in part) for electoral reasons may have partially backfired, from Josh Huder at the Rule 22 blog.

4. Brian Beutler, at the New Republic, repeats what should be obvious: the Democrats are going to lose seats in the Senate because of exposure (lots of Democrats up for election, many in Republican states) and because Obama isn't very popular. Not because of poor campaign strategy.

5. "Win or Lose, Republicans Are Still a Wreck." My View colleague Francis Wilkinson looks at Congressional Republicans as they (perhaps) reach a Senate majority.

6. And Newsweek's Pema Levy reports from Georgia on the close Senate race there.

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