Read Stuff, You Should: Early Voting Tea Leaves

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Happy Birthday to World Series Champion second baseman Joe Panik, 24.

The final installment of our World Series posts will be up in a while (it's been lots of fun), but I have one question that doesn't fit there:

Brandon Belt had a critical hit in the second inning rally, and another one later; in fact, he had seven singles and a double against the Royals. Were some of those hits a direct consequence of his bunt single against the overshift early in the Series? The awful Fox broadcasters never did a before-and-after comparison of the Royals' infield defense against Belt, and never showed how the defense was aligned at any point after the bunt. Well, maybe I blinked and missed it, but they certainly didn't make a fuss about it. Last night's first hit was in the gap between first and second, and certainly seemed one that an overshift might have prevented. But it's possible that second baseman Omar Infante, who was shaded toward first, was in the same place before and after the bunt. I'd love to find out. And it was typical of the Fox coverage, which often omitted basic facts about shifts, pitchers warming up in the bullpen and other similar things. They probably would even miss the good stuff:

1. An excellent comprehensive look at ways the polls could be wrong, from Mark Blumenthal and Ariel Edwards-Levy at the Huffington Post. As always, "wrong" could be in either direction. This isn't "unskewing"; this is about understanding the strengths and limitations of the methodology.

2. Seth Masket, at Mischiefs of Faction, looks at the predictive value of early voting.

3. Useful speculation about what the U.S. is up to with Israel -- and Iran -- from Dan Drezner at the Washington Post.

4. Jamelle Bouie on Mississippi and Obamacare on Twitter.

5. And a brilliant reading of a Colorado Senate ad, from Philip Bump at The Fix.

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