Read Stuff, You Should: Running on Obamacare

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Robert Clotworthy, 59.

Well, we're through the travel day, and play resumes tonight. Perhaps that's why there's so much of the good stuff:

1. "Is an old boys' club always sexist?" Chris Karpowitz and Tali Mendelberg share their research.

2. Scott Lemieux on Barack Obama as a mainstream liberal Democrat (my wording; he goes with "moderate liberal Democrat," but I think we agree).

3. Nice look at the not-so-scary border situation from my View colleague Francis Wilkinson

4. Elaine Kamarck on Obamacare and the 2014 and 2016 elections.

5. Plenty of action on nominations expected in the lame-duck Senate. Sahil Kapur explains.

6. Yes, some Democrats' campaigns are embracing the Affordable Care Act; Greg Sargent has the details.

7. Ross Douthat on the missing conservative media. I agree somewhat, but the differences in audiences aren't a function of something inherent to liberals or conservatives or media strategies, but at least partially the consequence of 40-plus years of Republican claims that the "neutral" media is biased against them.

8. Dave Weigel catalogs the "four kinds of political Ebola panic."

9. And a World Series item: Ken Davidoff on the changing Giants roster.

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