Read Stuff, You Should: Ebola Weaponizing Fail

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Happy Birthday to Ryan Reynolds, 38.

Yes, I could use a day off from baseball. No, it won't stop the good stuff:

Josh Huder on Congressional abdication.

Thomas Edsall has a must-read on parties, campaign finance and polarization.

As outside money grows larger and larger, candidates can't avoid negative campaigning, even if they want to. Seth Masket discusses. Like Seth, I'm all for negative campaigning.

Gabriel Arana writes about the possibility that Hispanics will "become white" and that the U.S. will therefore not become a majority-minority nation. Covers a lot of ground. Remember, however, that political action may have real effects here -- both by Hispanics themselves and by party leaders, of whatever ethnicity, in both parties.

I missed this yesterday: Amanda Taub imagines terrorists plotting to weaponize Ebola, as per the suggestions of some conservative thinkers.

And Dan Drezner thinks about the "abundance of caution" standard for fighting Ebola.

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