Read Stuff, You Should: The Governors of 2016

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Happy Birthday to Eli Whiteside, 35. Most similar player is Ned Yost. Weird. Must be some sort of destiny in that, no?

More on the World Series later, but one quick note. This was the third Bruce Bochy Game One with the Giants. Which means three different CFs have batter lead-off, and three different 2Bs have batted second. Hey, as managerial fetishes go it's pretty harmless; Frank Robinson, who was also an excellent manager, had a near-pathological aversion to middle infielders who could hit. Game Two tonight; in the meantime, the good stuff:

1. Big news in political science blogging: the long-inactive group blog of the Western Political Science Association is back in business. First up is Courtenay W. Daum on some of the governing challenges of legal marijuana.

2. Patrick Egan looks at governors up for re-election-- with an eye toward 2016.

3. Sorry, Senate Republicans, neutral estimates still show the Affordable Care Act as a net budget winner. Paul N. Van de Water runs the numbers.

4. Good reminder from Robert Greenstein that a constitutional convention is about the worst idea imaginable, even when it comes to perfectly sensible reforms.

5. David Roberts digs deep at the future of power utilities in an age of solar and other new power sources -- and what the utilities should be doing about it now.

6. Dan Drezner's look at the dangers of partisan polarization for U.S. policy is worth reading. I'll note one problem: This doesn't seem to be as much about partisan polarization as it is about the Republican Party. Dan?

7. And Elahe Izadi hops back in a time machine and tours the White House online ... in 1995.

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