Ritholtz's Reads: Twitter, CEO Pay and the Berlin Wall

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I have been traveling the past few days -- did I miss anything? Once again, morning train reads:

  • Bargain Hunters Pounce on Panic (WSJ), see also Citigroup Sees $1.1 Trillion Stimulus From Oil Plunge (Bloomberg)
  • People think CEO pay is out of control. The truth is much worse than they know. (Vox)
  • Bill Gross' Former Fund: Too Big to Succeed? (Barron's), see also Fears That Pimco and Other Big Firms Could Be Unable to Unload Risky Bonds (Dealbook)
  • Quant Blogs Check Out List (Alpha Architect)
  • Bill Gates: Why Inequality Matters (Gates Notes)
  • What a 401(k) Plan Really Owes Employees (NYT)
  • Mechanical Turk: The New Face of Behavioral Science? (Priceonomics)
  • The Berlin Wall's great human experiment: Want to know exactly how ideology and economics shape society? Split a nation in half. Twenty-five years later, what we're still learning (Boston Globe)
  • Twitter should ditch its new algorithm and teach news feed building (Columbia Journalism Review)
  • Luxury Wine Cellars Rise Up (WSJ)

What are you reading?

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