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Happy Birthday to Bob Mould, 53. Got the chance to see him recently; just astonishingly good, still.

Up three games to one! How about that. I was blacked out for most of the game (on a flight with no wifi; I wasn't a happy camper); at least it was better than the last time I was blacked out. I ended up picking up the game in the 10th inning ... or, as it turned out, halfway through. I was around for last night's first inning, and I was yelling for Bruce Boche to yank Vogelsong and go to Petit after exactly one batter. And yet, it all seemed to end up all right. At any rate, the Giants bullpen remains the biggest story of their postseason run. Impressive. Just like the good stuff:

1. Don't pay much attention to polling showing that people don't like the Democrats very much, at least if the goal is predicting election results. Seth Masket explains.

2. Robert Farley on the Gulf War of 1991. Good, though he doesn't answer all the questions I have.

3. Good Nate Silver post on the possibility that the polls are wrong -- note that they could be a bit wrong in either direction, as always.

4. Sensible Ross Douthat pushback on the politics of Ebola.

5. And from Christopher Gandrud and Emily Beaulieu: why do "huge brawls" break out in some legislatures?

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