Read Stuff, You Should: A Book for Obama

Jonathan Bernstein't morning links.

Happy Birthday to Frank Duffy, 68. Not the worst emblem of the bad old days for Giants fans; acquired for George Foster, and then traded a few months later with Gaylord Perry for Sudden Sam McDowell. The punch line is that Duffy had far more remaining value than McDowell (who had none). Ignoring, that is, the Hall of Famer traded with him. Remembering the bad invites the good, right?

Rain, no game, so right to the good stuff:

1. Dan Drezner has a one-book reading list for President Barack Obama and foreign-affairs policy makers.

2. Jonathan Chait on Republican complaints about environmentalists advising the administration on policy. He has a point -- though it's also fair to point out that liberals have probably been even quicker to demonize interest groups than conservatives have.

3. I've been talking about how we may be in for a (weeks or even months) long election night -- but Harry Enten has a nice post laying out how Republicans could reach 51 seats in the Senate within hours of the polls closing.

4. Jonathan Cohn with the latest on Ebola.

5. While Kim Yi Dionne and Laura Seay look at the geography of disease in Africa.

6. And a baseball one: Craig Calcaterra looks at what's happened to the strike zone.

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