Read Stuff, You Should: Divergent Prediction Models

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Kelly Preston, 52. I'm a season behind, but has anyone written a brilliant essay comparing "The Americans" (the current TV series) to "The Experts" (the cheesy 1980s movie)? I'm enjoying "The Americans" so far, but no Ari Gross, no the-guy-who-played-Toad-in-American-Graffiti, no Preston ... well, I'd read that piece.

Meanwhile, I really would like to know why the NLCS is on Fox Sports 1 instead of the broadcast network. Is it because there's not enough audience for broadcast? Is it to showcase the new network? Has the old calculus of using the big postseason audience to promote the new TV season been replaced by not wanting to bump the regular lineup? I don't have anything to say about last night's game.

I'd rather just think about the good stuff:

1. Early-voting maven Michael McDonald has a report on this year. Bottom line? "In states with competitive top of the ticket races, turnout appears to be robust."

2. Sometimes gimmicky is good; Jenée Desmond-Harris supplies "11 ways race isn't real."

3. The Monkey Cage/Election Lab crew explains why their forecasting model sees Republicans in command for a Senate majority.

4. Conor Friedersdorf argues, post-Leon Panetta furor, in favor of former administration officials talking while it could still make a difference.

5. And Al Hunt argues in favor of campaign-finance disclosure -- and remembers when Mitch McConnell used to agree.

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