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Happy Birthday to Pat Burrell, 38. Do the Phillies think of him as the one who got away? For me, he'll always be part of the 2010 Giants.

So baseball is finally back tonight, albeit only the Junior Circuit so far. As we've been hearing, both American League teams are looking for their first trip to the World Series since the 1980s, while the Giants and Cardinals have combined for the last four Senior Circuit slots. Has anything similar happened before? Sort of. In 1995: In the NL, both the Braves (three years) and the Reds (five) were recent World Series teams; in the AL the Mariners had never made it and it had been 41 years since the Indians were swept by the Giants. That's really the only comparable one: two recent appearances in one league but none in the other. Is that enough to get us to the good stuff?

1. Want to know about the late-breaking news on voting law? For that, you should always turn to Rick Hasen, in this case on the Supreme Court decision to block Wisconsin's ID law.

2. Is media sensationalism inviting a rush to war? Shana Gadarian brings evidence that might be happening.

3. Jordan Ragusa matches brands with votes.

4. "There Are No Magic Wands in Iraq," from Kevin Drum.

5. Rebecca Traister on "The Wifey State" -- or why getting some help from government is nothing new for one group of citizens.

6. And Dan Drezner doesn't know what's going on in North Korea, but he's not going to let that stand in the way of writing a fun post about it.

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