Ritholtz's Reads: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

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I was busy yesterday afternoon, did anything interesting happen while I was out?

  • Stocks Explode Higher on Fears of Renewed Economic Weakness (TRB) but see Fat Lady Is About to Sing, According to the Charts (Barron's)
  • Why Companies Break Up: Hint: It's Not Because They're Well Managed (Medium)
  • What the Dollar's Rise Tells Us About the Global Economy (The Upshot)
  • Q3 Earnings Season in the Spotlight (Zacks)
  • A 401(k) Conundrum: Can You Make Cash Pile Last for Life? (Bloomberg)
  • Undervalued Posts from the Financial Blogosphere (CFA Institute)
  • Microscope Work Wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry (BBC)
  • If You're Bad at Math, Blame Your Parents (Quartz)
  • Songs of Emptiness: Bono's Mission Isn't Simply to Provide Capitalism With a Human Face -- It's to Ruin Music in the Process. (Jacobin)
  • What's wrong with our cops:
    • Georgia Police Raid Potential Marijuana Farm Only to Find Out It's Okra (Modern Farmer)
    • Police Pepper Spray Wake County Teen Inside His Home After He's Mistaken for Burglar (ABC 11)

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Federal Deficit Is Now Smaller Than the Average Since the 1980s

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