Read Stuff, You Should: Culture War

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Scott Bakula, 60.

The final game against the Nats ended the eight consecutive series win for the Giants, counting the wild-card game as a "series" -- three in 2010, three in 2012, and two this year. What was different about the end of this one? For the first time, Pablo Sandoval was on the field for it. In 2010 he was benched and didn't appear in any of the clinchers; since then he's always been replaced for defensive purposes, regardless of whether the lead was large or small. Congrats, Panda. Now on to the good stuff:

1. Advice to candidates from Seth Masket: flip-flopping won't hurt you, but extremism will.

2. Greg Sargent looks at the choices facing Democrats in that (potentially) wild South Dakota Senate election.

3. Francis Wilkinson argues that the Obama years will be seen eventually as the triumph of the liberal Democrats.

4. The most bogus attack against incumbents? Missing committee hearings has to be close to the top. Niels Lesniewski is correct.

5. If you're even a little interested in culture and politics, don't miss Alyssa Rosenberg on the newest culture wars.

6. Helpful advice from Mark Mellman about how to read all those Senate forecasters.

7. And Emily Heil explains why being a member of Congress isn't like being a celebrity. Nice, though inexplicably missing anything about Congressman Gopher.

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