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Happy Birthday to Jamie Hector, 39.

Hope you don't mind if I talk about the Giants again. If you do, skip ahead. Brian Sabean's most important strength is in filling holes -- except that every once in a while, he inexplicably doesn't do it. I don't blame him for the CF situation; it's hard to plan for a late-season injury of an important player. But there's no excuse for not having another hitter around, one who could play LF and pinch-hit. Oh well; Washington has the pitching matchup in its favor today, but stranger things have happened. Also the good stuff:

1. Rick Hasen wasn't a big fan of the 7th Circuit's decision on Voter ID. Nice rant.

2. Paul Gronke and Phillip Ardoin have political scientists' congressional election forecasts. These are the pre-polling, "fundamentals" -type advance looks. They aren't going to be as accurate as late-season poll-based forecasts -- but they may tell us more about how elections work.

3. Scott Lemieux explains the consequences of the Supreme Court's (non-) decision on marriage.

4. "More gay people can now get legally married. They can still be legally fired." Patrick Egan sees dim prospects for workplace protection.

5. Dina Smeltz and Craig Kafura look at Republican public opinion and see the basis for a robust debate on foreign policy in 2016. I'm skeptical.

6. Why election forecasters probably won't affect outcomes, from Seth Masket.

7. From Bloomberg Politics, Sasha Issenberg on how activists are learning to change minds.

8. And Richard Skinner looks at new evidence about what happened in primary elections during this cycle.

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