Ritholtz's Reads: Bears, Big Gains and Bill Gross

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Welcome back to big show. October is now in full effect and we should expect some of the usual fun. Oh, and here are our morning reads:

  • There's No Bear Market in Sight, Say Dow Theory Experts (Marketwatch) see also Five Reasons Why a 10 Percent Correction Could Be Bullish (USA Today)
  • The Thing About Big One-Day Gains (TRB)
  • Barron's has an exclusive interview with bond king Bill Gross on his next act (Barron's)
  • Seven Economic Shifts Underlying Hong Kong's Divide With Beijing (Bloomberg)
  • Public and Private Sector Payroll Jobs: Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama (Calculated Risk) see also Take U.S. Off List of Investor Worries (WSJ)
  • The Contrarians on Stress: It Can Be Good for You (NYT)
  • Crumbling Infrastructure and Traffic Are Costing Every L.A. Driver $2,500 a Year (Slate)
  • 24 Maps and Charts That Explain Marijuana (Vox)
  • How Twitter Became the LinkedIn of the Adult Industry (Pando Daily)
  • The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week for Climate Change News (Re/Code)

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