Read Stuff, You Should: Inflation Scaremongers

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Happy Birthday to David Hidalgo, 60.

Yes, I'm still recovering from the 18 inning-game, just as I suppose all Giants fans are (and probably Nats fans, too). I was in shul from about the second inning until the 10th, and didn't get home from a break-fast until the 12th. Still got plenty of nerve-wracking baseball before Brandon Belt did what he did. So now game three today in San Francisco. Come to think of it, I'm not still recovering from that particular game. This constant anxious feeling is just what October is like for me and probably for most fans. Maybe Yankees fans just assume they're going to win?

I'll stick to the good stuff:

1. Julia Azari tells us about the College Republican National Committee, which sponsored those "say yes" ads last week. Useful.

2. Dan Drezner on the Olympics and democracies.

3. Andrew Gelman on cognitive dissonance and economists who won't admit to being wrong about inflation.

4. Paul Krugman on Voodoo redux.

5. Nate Silver explains why a bunch of new polls produce little change in the Senate outlook: it's still a toss-up, but leaning slightly to the Republicans.

6. Byron York argues that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is undervalued for 2016. That's plausible. What I really want, with the demise of the betting markets, is a good review of the conventional wisdom so I can assess how candidates are valued. Otherwise, it's hard to tell who is over- or undervalued.

7. And Greg Sargent on Iowa Senate candidate Joni Ernst and "personhood." This is important: as Republican primary electorates and conservative groups demand stronger positions from their politicians, the question becomes whether those politicians can satisfy that constituency without being perceived as extreme by voters in the general election.

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