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Happy Birthday to Janel Moloney, 45.

The good stuff:

1. The funny thing about all the political scientists who say Congress, not the president, deserves blame for the war powers issue -- Jordan Ragusa has the latest one -- is that as a rule we're Congress fans, not Congress bashers. But, yeah: it's Congress's fault.

2. Ed Kilgore isn't impressed with Matt Bai's analysis of the Republican presidential contest. I didn't click through and read Bai, but my longstanding view on this is that "establishment" is a term that should just be banned.

3. Marc Ambinder has suggestions for reforming the Secret Service.

4. Margot Sanger-Katz points out that as we move toward open season in year two of the Affordable Care Act exchanges, the government still has many more questions to answer.

5. Matt Yglesias knocks down President Barack Obama's spin on the economy.

6. And David Roberts on climate, communications, and conservatives.

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