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Happy Birthday to Lorraine Bracco, 60.

Sure, Royals fans had an amazing experience to remember with a 12-inning classic; I have no complaints about an 8-0 shutout of the Pirates. Giants/Nats? Should be a lot of fun. Sort of like the good stuff:

1. Missed this one before: Matthew Dickinson argues that politics, not law, is the issue when it comes to whether President Barack Obama’s actions in Iraq and Syria are a form of imperial overreach. Absolutely agree.

2. A quick fiscal year update from Greg Koger.

3. Amanda Marcotte on those “Say Yes” Republican ads.

4. A good point from Andrew Sprung about Affordable Care Act signups and “churn.” Although it makes sense in some ways to focus on the total number currently in the exchanges, those who briefly held an exchange health policy may have benefited in important ways, too.

5. And Jamie Fuller brings us: “You can cross, ‘witnessing a congressman wear the same yellow jumpsuit that Uma Thurman wore in Kill Bill’ off your bucket list.

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