Read Stuff, You Should: Democrats and Female Candidates

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Happy Birthday to Ian Ogilvy, 71. He was excellent as the awful Lawrence Kirbridge ... I don't know whether the young'uns watch "Upstairs, Downstairs," but it holds up nicely.

Of course there's always the good stuff:

1. Why do Democrats have more female candidates than Republicans? Melody Crowder-Meyer and Benjamin Lauderdale crunch numbers and discover that one reason may be that Democrats are recruiting from a larger pool of candidate-like women. Interesting.

2. Dan Drezner on the stale debate about the influence of political science on politics.

3. Seth Masket writes in defense of campaign-finance disclosure, and includes all the academic findings about the effects of transparency.

4. How misinformation spreads, from Brendan Nyhan.

5. Rick Hasen looks at the progress of voting litigation.

6. At Politico, Steve Shepard has a nice overview of close state legislative chambers that might flip in November.

7. While Jaime Fuller collects a recent round of Republican Senate candidate ads featuring terrorism.

8. And I was negligent in failing to link to this and similar sentiments last week, but I fully endorse Philip Kennicott's plea that Washington not be further turned over to the security bureaucracies. Especially because it's probably just a way to cover mistakes by the Secret Service (and its overseers in the Oval Office and on Capitol Hill).

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